July 22, 2005

MEMRI: what we are up against

During an interview aired July 11, 2005 by Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV, retired Lebanese general and public relations expert Dr. Hisham Jaber discussed "global Zionism" and its purported hand in 9/11 and the recent London bombings.

"I Believe the Events of 9/11 Were Not Planned, Prepared, Or Perpetrated by Al-Qaeda Alone"
even though they admitted it and even celebrated it.

"I have some doubts about the September [2001] events – and some articles and books share my opinion. I believe the events of 9/11 were not planned, prepared, or perpetrated by Al-Qaeda alone. Absolutely not. A force greater than Al-Qaeda was behind these events. Whenever an ordinary crime takes place, the question is 'who benefits?' – let alone when the crime is of such huge proportions. What happened in Britain, and why Britain, of all places?
well having a large number of Islamofacsits running around probably had something to do with it.

"The perpetrator [of these acts] believes that he carried out an operation in retaliation for the oppression afflicted upon the world's wretched people by Western policies, and especially by the U.S. and Britain. This is what he believes. In addition, I say that the actual perpetrator – the person who actually commits a suicide operation – is not a mercenary, but may have been tricked into it.
tricked into it by being brain washed in a Pakistani Madrassa, which 3 out of 4 are known to have attended perhaps? But I guess that the madrassas must be a 'zionist' front organisations as well.

"So who is the planner? The planner who is behind him is the one who benefits from what happens. We all know that after 9/11 the persecution of Muslims began in the U.S. and Europe, but later subsided, to a certain extent. For three or four years, we have been concerned – in the wake of these painful events – about the possibility of some sort of annihilation, or perhaps an unbalanced civil war
civil wars happen within states, so unless he considers the whole world to be a Islamic state (or perhaps just believes it should) it cannot be a civil war.
in Europe and the U.S. between Muslims and non-Muslims, or let's say, the Westerners.
But as for someone wanting to start a war between the west and th erest well he has actually got a point on that one. 9/11 was supposed to be an attack in a war between Islam and everyone. A war declared by Bin Laden.

"Zionism Has Forged The New Testament; 60 Million In The U.S. Alone Have Left Christianity To Become Believers In The Torah"
So the religion that has done most to persicute jews over the centuries is actually people duped by a Jewish conspiracy.

"It is global Zionism that stands to gain the most from this."

"Regardless of the logic of conspiracy, I would like to say something. We read history, and we know that since The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,"
Oh come on. The Protocols where a nineteenth century forgery by Mathieu Golovinski, a Russian operative of Tsar Nicholas II. That they where a forgery has been known since the 1930's. Does he think people are that stupid?
"Zionism has forged the New Testament – and by now, 60 million in the U.S. alone have left Christianity to become believers in the Torah."
perhaps he should tell that to the evangelical Christians. Maybe the 'zionists' he was thinking about where a sect of heritical Jews around 60AD who where followers of the teachings of a dead holy many by the name of Jesus. Perhaps he is talking about that in Islam Jesus was a Prophet, did not die on the cross, and did not resurect. Which happens to be the core of Christianisty, but the Koran says differently so the Christians must be wrong about the meaning of their own faith.

"Global Zionism has tried to forge the Holy Koran, and has printed many copies of this forgery. It has been discovered that many extremist movements were backed by [global Zionism]."
Extremist groups like Hamas perhaps? Logic cannot get through to these people if they are not even willing to acknowlege reality and prefer to see everthing as a giant Jewish conspiracy. Morons.


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